Band membership is open to people who show an interest in playing Pipes and Drums and fostering the objectives of the Band, either in a playing or non playing capacity.

Current Playing Members (2/10/2016)

  • Pipe Major – Gary Webb (Band Secretary)
  • Pipe Sergeant – Rick Baxter (Band Vice-President)
  • Pipe Corporal – Dr.Graham Hosie (Band President)
  • Piper – Stewart Ims – (Parade Drum Major)
  • Piper – Randall Smith
  • Piper – Joel Solak
  • Piper – Nicholas (Nic) Clifford
  • Piper – Kaye Robertson
  • Drum Major – Craig Webb
  • Drum Sergeant – Ange Bresnehan
  • Drum Corporal – Catherine (Cathy) Ratcliffe (Band Treasurer)
  • Drummer – Alex Webb
  • Drummer – Anthony (Tony) Hanlon
  • Drummer – Melissa Nicolson
  • Drummer – Jessie Webb


Above: The Band in Full Parade Uniform at the Conclusion of the 2011 Hobart ANZAC Day Parade. The Band wishes to acknowledge Lieutenant Colonel Anthony Bidgood RFD ED (retired) for stepping in as guest Parade Drum Major for the day.

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Former Office Bearers


The Life Members of the Band

Lie Members

Rick Baxter, Ange Bresnehan, Graham Hossie, Melissa Nicholson, Randall Smith, Tony Hanlon

Band Patrons

Over the years the band has had many distinguished people as Patron. Patrons include: