New Members

We are always looking for new playing members, learners of all ages are welcome regardless of prior experience with either bagpipes or drums or any other musical instrument.

Having some understanding and appreciation of music may of course be advantageous, but certainly not essential.

Like all other team pursuits, time, commitment and a preparedness to do the best you can are the only prerequisites.

To take that first step, send us a friendly email and we’ll endeavour to get you started as soon as possible!

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Learner Tuition

Tuition is both Piping and Drumming is Free!

Those wishing to learn the bagpipes will need to procure their own practice chanter and for drummers, their own sticks. This should cost no more than $40.00 for an initial set-up.

A fifteen (15) lesson initial training course is provided to asses the aptitude and ability of each pupil. If this is successfully completed, the Pipe Major or Drum Major, respectively, will recommend that tuition be continued with the ultimate aim of having the pupil progress to full a Playing Member of the Band.

Band Uniform and equipment including bagpipes and drums are provided.