About Us


The Band, having been established to promote Scottish culture and the playing of Scottish Highland bagpipes and drums, has the following objectives.

  • To continue the traditions of pipe-banding through the teaching and playing of bagpipes & drums;
  • To give public and/or private recitals as a pipe band; other combinations of players and/or soloists;
  • May affiliate with Pipe Bands Australia Inc. and support other kindred organizations;
  • To raise, invest and expend funds solely in furtherance of the objectives;

Committee of Management

The Band is managed by a Committee of Management (COM) of seven financial members.


The tartan worn by the Band is the red MacLean of Duart as shown below. Tartan

The Duart Club

The Duart Club is the social arm of the Band. The Band has always engaged in its fair share of social activity. However, it was decided in 2002 following the Band’s 50th Anniversary to draw such activities together under one banner, hence the birth of the Duart Club.

Duart Club membership is automatically available to all playing and non-playing finacial members, past and present.